Philosophy in the boardroom

Philosophy in the boardroom

People and organisations live and act in an increasingly complex world.

Philosophers should not stay in their ivory tower but make things happen in the world and create meaning.

In the heat of the action excutives no longer have the time to think things through.

The goal of practical philosophy is to move the world by moving the mind and to question beliefs and assumptions.

Paradigma provides chief philosophy officers.

Their first task is to help you question the answers you thought you had ready-at-hand in certain situations in order to allow you to see other ways in which you can think and act. This leads executives to make different and better decisions.

In the age of artificial intelligence, businesses are confronted to new moral questions and to existential problems they never had to deal with before.

Philosophy enables executives to take a step back, to see the wider picture and to find new answers to age-old questions.

Technology may be progressing at lightning speed, but in the end human beings have to cope with it all.

Their second task is to make corporate strategy and values meaningful to all stakeholders by clarifying complex concepts and translating jargon into clear language.

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