European Works Councils

European Works Councils

European Works Councils are a microcosm of society and a laboratory for new ideas.

They are microcosms because these forums are comprised of the different nationalities in the EU so that you can travel Europe by looking around the meeting room.

But European Works Councils also act as sounding boards for companies enabling them to roadtest new initiatives before implementing them across Europe.

Our first aim is to make your European Works Councils more meaningful and efficient by building YOUR UNIQUE EWC which will be very different from the EWC of any other company.

Our second aim is to increase the presence of European Works Councils so that their value is recognised and understood by all stakeholders.

We help European Works Councils in a variety of ways.

EWC Strategy

EWC Metrics: measures management and EWC member expectations and priorities

EWC Roadmaps: makes sure your EWC is meaningful and leads to unique value

EWC dynamics: maps the drives and motivations of management and EWC members so that communications can be improved

EWC consulting

Our experts help you (re)negotiate your EWC agreement and monitor legal developments for you so that you are always up to date.

You have a question or worry? 

Just give us a call and we will provide you with all the information you need. 

EWC meeting facilitation and mediation

Sometimes, discussions just get stuck and you need an independent person to unlock the situation. 

From making sure the process of your EWC meeting goes smoothly to supporting negotiations or conflict resolution, our mediators and facilitators will help you overcome any barriers.

EWC training

We provide European Works Councils with anything they need to be efficient.

Our training programs cover a wide range of topics: legal, financial, do's and don'ts, communications, negotiations and much more.

We can organize a training session within the timeframe you want: even 30 minutes is enough to make sure your EWC members receive essential information!

On request, we can also develop tailor-made training sessions for you on any topic of your choice. The possibilities for customization are endless.

EWC Bootcamps

For new European Works Councils or for EWCs that want to brush up on the basics, we have a special module, designed to get them going in no time!

We provide all stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of what a EWC is all about from a legal, communicational and practical perspective. 

In 1 day of intensive and interactive training, you will learn all there is to know about European Works Councils!

Social Dialogue Labs

Do you want to organise a brainstorming on a specific topic in your company or you want us to fill a slot on your HR or trade union conference?

Paradigma makes it happen and moderates the session, invites key speakers or experts to contribute to the debate and (if you want us to), we can even invite peers from other companies to participate so that you can benchmark.

Just let us know the topic and we will start researching content and present you with a draft program as soon as possible.


50mins sessions on our multilingual webinar platform

1 speaker - 1 topic facilitated by a Paradigma moderator.

Cross-company and easy to access, they inform you on topics of interest with a minimum of time investment.

HR Webtalks are recorded so that they can be made available to a wider audience offline.

Check our EVENTS section regularly for HR WEBTALK dates.

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