Unlock your thinking

Unlock your thinking

Do you have the courage to question your most dearly held assumptions? 

Then you are in the rare company of people who are willing to unlock their thinking and open up their world.

Are your thoughts your own or do you just think they are?

Neuroscience teaches us that most of the time we think we are in control, but in reality, our thoughts just happen and often hijack our minds.

We give you ownership of your thoughts.

In these postmodern times the notions of truth and meaning are blurred and we increasingly turn to new certainties without thinking them through as we desperately need a foothold to infuse our lives with meaning.

We need to stop locking ourselves up in our familiar thinking patterns and feeling threatened whenever anyone dares to point out that there might be more to things than we believe.

We invite people to "think without borders" by knocking down mental fences so as to enable learning across disciplines, nations, organisations and individual interests.

We use insights from different fields: communications, interaction, philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, arts, culture...

Let us help you unlock your thinking: there is nothing we love more than to witness how people come up with creative new ideas they did not even know they were capable of.


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