European Works Council bootcamps

European Works Council bootcamps

What are EWC Bootcamp sessions?

EWC Bootcamp sessions are intense & hands- on, and aim to provide participants with the opportunity to learn how their peers operate EWCs.

Moreover, as an attendee, you get in touch with of a community of people involved in EWCs, which can provide you with much needed support in your business practice.

But, value does not stop when you leave the session: in the Social Dialogue Lab, all EWC and social dialogue stakeholders can have their voices heard.

Who should attend?

  • Managers dealing with European Works Councils (EWCs)
  • Having a lot of EWC experience or none at all
  • Participants to previous versions of the EWC Bootcamp
  • New participants eager to discover avenues to EWC value

Why should you attend?

  • To discover how your EWC compares to other EWCs
  • To be in tune with new (legal and practical) EWC developments
  • T o compare EWC practices with peers
  • To discover how to link EU and national level consultation in your sector
  • To discover EWC members and management ambitions and expectations for the EWC
  • To develop a communications strategy for the EWC
  • To see how the EWC can contribute to corporate value
  • To build a Roadmap for your EWC, leading to sustainable value for all stakeholders

Want to discover the program or register?

Go to the EWC bootcamp webpage!

You can also press the SEND button to register from here and we will contact you.

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