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Our mission is to rethink the human and its interaction with its environment.

As humanity evolves at a pace unprecedented in our evolution, new ways of being human will emerge, which makes it more relevant than ever to study the links between people, organisations, communities and societies.

Our first priority is to change the way we think as new dilemmas and new challenges require new thinking.

We need to free ourselves from the shackles, stereotypes and habits of the past so that our minds can tap into their full creative and imaginative potential.

Our next priority is to create new forms of interaction between individuals and cultures because today, more than ever, people need to be empowered to make their voices heard if they want to matter in the future.

Finally, we build meaningful and sustainable events that invite small and large audiences to think collectively so as to produce new insights.

We are a collective of strategists, philosophers and advisers from diverse backgrounds and we endeavour to set up interdisciplinary partnerships to create hybrid forms of knowledge.

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